National Arts Council

Arts Education Programme

The National Arts Council – Arts Education Programme serves to provide all students with access to quality arts education experiences.

We are an accredited NAC-AEP provider with the following 2 programmes developed to provide an integrated arts experience. Using a story-based approach, the children are brought through a musical journey where they discover and learn elements of music with drama, movement and arts activities integrated. Children will get to explore and play different instruments from unpitched to pitched.

The programmes can be conducted onsite or virtually. Digital animation format is available. Contact us for more details!

Kindergarten 1&2

Treasure in the Jungle !

An Integrated Arts Experience

A musical story adventure where the friends find a treasure map and go through the wild jungle to find a treasure. What will they find that is real treasure?

Through the story, children discover and learn elements of music – timbre, tempo, dynamics, pitch, beat, rhythm with movement, dramatization and arts activities integrated to complement the learning experience. They will explore and play pitched and unpitched instruments and learn musical notation.

Nursery 1&2

We’re Late!

An Integrated Arts Experience

Join the friends in a musical journey experience
as they try to get to their good friend’s concert
in time. Their car breaks down and they meet
with adventures along the way.

This programme enables the children to discover and learn the basic elements of music through dramatization of the story, music and movement with arts activities incorporated. The children will explore and play different percussion instruments.