for Preschools

The Music Explorer

A series of progressive programmes tailored to the age-appropriate skill sets of each level from learning the foundation of music to playing an instrument and performing as an ensemble.


Music & Me

Introductory and exploratory adventure to music through a thematic approach.

Nursery 1

The Music Adventurer I

Develop a sense of musicality. Explore basics of music through singing, movement and playing different instruments.

Nursery 2

The Music Adventurer II

Develop musical sense and foundation. Explore and play different instruments from unpitched to pitched.

Kindergarten 1

The Music Maker

Explore and play different instruments including the keyboard. Learn to play rhythmically and melodically. Learn basic music theory.

Kindergarten 2

The Musician

Play and learn other instrument groups – the ukulele (strings), for further musical exposure. Develop musical knowledge and skills.


We offer music foundation instrument courses to learn basic skills, techniques and music theory for:


Learn basic keyboard playing skills! Learn to play simple tunes.
An excellent platform to enhance motor and coordination skills through playing of both hands.


Learn to strum and sing with the ukulele! Learn to play simple songs with basic chords.


Learn the basics of playing the violin! Learn to bow and play simple tunes.