Team Building

Full day or half day team bonding event for employees from small groups of 20 to 300! Integrating music and the arts as part of the team building activities to promote camaraderie and foster collaboration across different members of the company. Employees can look forward to fun-filled activities – challenges, races, games which will be specially curated in line with the theme of the event.

Large-scale events organised include:

Amazing Race Challenge

Team members compete against each other with a time limit to complete a series of music puzzles and challenges and learning to play musical instruments along the way.

Music in Me

A team building music experience where participants bond through creating and playing music together as a team, along with the team games and activities organized. Music brings joy to everyone and is a common ground to connect with one another regardless of age and language.

*Photos were taken Pre Covid-19.

We customise team building activities accordance to your needs and objectives.

Just share your requirements with us!